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Cinema Series 405: Eyes without a Face (1959)

A plastic surgeon's quest for redemption turns malignant, murderous and horrific in George Franju's ghastly, yet lyrical Eyes without a Face (1960). Shunned in its day, the film became a major influence on the horror genre, and has since been celebrated for its “deft balance of fantasy and realism, clinical detachment and operatic emotion, beauty and pain, all presided over by (actress) Edith Scob's haunting, haunted eyes.”

MENU: salade verte, bouef bourguignon, pommes de terre persillées, mousse au chocolat torte

(green salad, beef stew, parslied potatoes, chocolate mousse torte) 



(*We serve a thematic cocktail (TBD) for an additional $5 per drink.) 


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