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Station North Tool Library: Holiday Tool 101 - Learn to Screen Print!

Learn to use our Thermofax screen maker to print your 1-color image on any item you wish!

FREE to Watch

PAY to Print*

ONLY 10 SPOTS to participate!  Unlimited Lurkers...

*Admission includes your own reusable screen + printing squeegee + access to ink during the workshop PLEASE read what is required before signing up, no refunds will be given for any reason whatsoever.

STEPS to participate:

  1. WATCH for free or...
  2. BUY a ticket to participate and print stuff *discounted for Tool Library MEMBERS
  3. - a high resolution **BLACK & WHITE** image BY MONDAY DECEMBER 9TH 
  4. GATHER the items you'd like to print - tees, bags, cardstock, notebooks, etc... BRING THEM TO THE WORKSHOP
  5. SHOW UP 7pm - Wednesday, DECEMBER 11th @Station North Tool Library, 417 E Oliver St. 21202
  6. PLAY - the B&W image that you email us will be transitioned to a screen prior to the workshop so that you may maximize your printing time.

REGISTER NOW - Only 10 Spots to print!


7pm - DEMO

  • How to use the thermofax
  • Prepping your screen for ink
  • Ink 101
  • Printing 101
  • Drying and Screen Care

8pm - PLAY

  • Print the items you've brought in
  • Take home your new reusable screen
  • Take home a fancy squeegee for future use!


  • HUH?  How do I do this?  Read steps above and email us before you by a ticket if you are still scratching your head.
  • Why can I only email a Black&White image? The machine that "burns" the screen can only read black and white - no grayscale!!!
  • Why can I only screen print with 1-color on my items?  The kind of screens that are printed with the thermofax and the time alloted for this super basic 2-hour class are best suited for 1-color printing.
  • What colors can I print with?  We will have a variety of colors on hand for you to print with during the workshop only - Black/White/Bright colors/Dark colors.
  • What types of items can I print on? Sturdy fabrics, canvas, bags, tees, other clothing, cardstock, anything smooth!  Ask us prior if you aren't sure...
  • What color items can I print ON?  Depends, you can't print white ink on a white shirt, or black ink on a black shirt, otherwise, get wild, have fun with what's at your disposal.
  • But I really really want to print multiple colors for holiday cards!  Go to Baltimore Print Studios - they are rad and better set up for that :)  But we love you too.

417 E Oliver St. 
Baltimore, MD 21202