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House, Dignified

In House, Dignified, artists Amanda Burnham, Margo Elsayd, Frank PerrelliJessica BraitermanKathryn Cornelius and Joshua Johnson use location as portraiture to communicate notions of family, community, conflict, identity, and re-gentrification. Featuring new works and installations in response to and acknowledgement of Area 405's particular space, their work signifies structure and place as an integral component of who we are and how we represent ourselves to others.

Curated by Area 405's staff with intern Tyler Farinholt taking the lead, this exhibition is part of the Artscape 2013 Gallery Network and is on view before and after performances of Romeo & Juliet in Station North (June 20-30) and on Saturday and Sunday during ARTSCAPE, noon to 5PM.

The reception is July 18th, from 7-11 PM

(Following the Sondheim Semifinal exhibitions at MICA.)

Our reception at AREA 405 will feature music performed by Baltimore's own Benjie Loveless, actor, writer, musician, man-about-town and constant presence in Baltimore's Art Scene for 20 years. With two self-released albums of misanthropic singer songwriter experiments he is also a regular company member of The Yellow Sign Theater.