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InDirect Effect: christian benefiel/jennifer gilman at Area 405

BmoreArt interview with Christian Benefiel


What Weekly review by Amanda Fortner

Citypaper Review by Bret McCabe

Opening Reception: Friday, March 21, 7-10PM

Artists' Talk: Saturday, March 22, 1PM

Exhibition: March 21 - April 19, 2014

(Area 405's gallery hours will be on Fridays, 3:30-7:30pm and noon-4Pm on Saturdays & Sundays for the duration of this exhibit. )

As with an oblique angle where two lines coming from different directions share a common endpoint, InDirect Effect brings two artists together whose disparate points of departure ultimately intersect.

Working with sawdust, LA-based artist Jennifer Gilman will create a vast, site-specific drawing across the gallery floor. Whether linear and plan-like, or painterly with brushstrokes, Gilman's landscapes contemplate means and methods as well as the relationship between artist and work, and as a result, initiate a conversation with the particular space the artist and the work inhabit.

Meanwhile, local talent Christian Benefiel's graticular timber sculptures, which rely solely on tension, weight and friction for their composition, occupy space in elevation. Like a planet in orbit, a rocky island risen from the sea, or a bird's nest, his sculptures speak of craft, terrain, architecture and gravity.

Beyond the connection of wood products employed, both artists ponder space in geometric and human terms, where the artistic urge to manipulate a material and respond to a setting creates a metaphorical atmosphere.


Space in Tension: the InDirect Art of Jennifer Gilman and Christian Benefiel, What Weekly, March 26, 2014 by Amanda Fortner

Art Review: InDirect Effect: Large-scale works reflect on perspective and structure, City Paper, April 9, 2014, by Bret McCabe