Station North Tool Library

The Station North Tool Library opened on April 22, 2013 in the adjacent space to Area 405 (the red door) in our East Oliver Street complex (Oliver Street Studios). Created and helmed by John Shea, Piper Watson, and Chris Lavoie, SNTL not only lends tools, but also hosts DIY workshops, community services,  DIY classes and open shop hours in the workshop space and now a classroom.

The Station North Tool Library’s mission is to empower individuals, through affordable access to tools, skills, and workspace, to positively direct development, rehabilitation, and construction of their environment and their lives.

The Station North Tool Library is a project for the benefit of individuals wanting to have an impact on their own lives and spaces while simultaneously working to build a stronger community.  SNTL provides tool lending and a space to work and learn new skills.  Community members are able to use the Tool Library to perform simple home maintenance, tend their yards and gardens, build furniture, start projects, and learn new skills in a safe and affordable manner. The goal is to start new trends directed by peoples inherent creative output. By giving people access to tools, the Tool Library provides our community with opportunities and the power to fix and build in all aspects of their environments and lives.

Annual Membership is a sliding scale *suggested donation* based on your income. 
one dollar for every $1000 you earn per year.

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