Stewart Watson, Executive Director

Stewart Watson is an artist, parent, partner, curator, creator, educator, volunteer, and community advocate. She serves on several regional boards and organizations. Stewart is co-owner, founder, and president of Oliver Street Studios, the 66,000 square foot warehouse in the heart of Baltimore City where she co-founded AREA 405 in 2003 and has been executive director for many years. Oliver Street Studios has grown from a vacant building into an artistic and community anchor for the Station North Arts & Entertainment District.

Everlasting thanks to the countless friends and volunteers who have rolled up their sleeves and pitched in continuing to build AREA 405and develop its programming.

Jeramie Bellmay,  Michael Stephens,  Jim Vose, Lena Leone, Jeff Leone,  Ashely DeHoyos,   Abigail Parrish, Antoine Blanton,   Breon Gilleran, Michelle Avary, Dana Johns, David Page, Lauren Schott, Ben Stone, Kimi Hanauer,   Hannah Leighton, Anna Menendez, Jennifer Minke, Monika Graves,  David London, Shea Frederick, Sarah Doherty,   John Shea, Julia Pearson, Deana Haggag, Kim Farmer, Arman Mizani, Chris Lavoie, Mark Mordhorst, Piper Watson,   Reed Monson, Steve Freel, Jason Hoylman, Tom McManus, Ginevra Shay, Tyler Farinholt, Dale Hargrave, Dwight Hargrave and so many more…